About Us

Established in 27th February 2016 for Kerala Hotel General Managers to build and maintain an organisation dedicated to the specific professional and personal needs.

Help experienced Hotel General Managers to personally contribute and invest in the ongoing development and shaping of their profession for the future.

We are extremely proud to have established the India’s first organisation dedicated exclusively to the hotel General Management fraternity and we invite you to find out more about the benefits we offer, as well as the many ways we support General Managers during their illustrious careers and beyond.
KHGMC, believe that an organisation of this kind is desperately needed and, without it, General Managers have had nowhere to go for independent professional, social and technical assistance. This is especially true in today’s world where people change jobs more frequently and in our capacity as an independent industry body, we can provide the reference points, thread of continuity and support they need to feel recognised, respected and secure.

Life Time Achievement Award 2016